What we do

Between Galicia and Portugal, more than 350,000 tonnes of preserves are produced annually, which generates high quantities of solid by-products and liquid waste flows. The guarantee and growth of the canning sector requires the care and protection of the marine environment, source of the necessary raw material for the production of canned food. The treatment of this waste water is therefore fundamental to preserve the marine ecosystem and to ensure the resources of the sea. However, this treatment presents certain limitations due to the variable production of the preserves, peaks of polluting load and low flexibility of the treatments.

Therefore, the CONSERVAL project aims to develop technologies for the recovery of by-products and waste water from the canning sector in Galicia and Northern Portugal.

CONSERVAL aims to transform these solid and liquid streams into products with higher added value and high business potential, such as specific volatile fatty acids, fish oils with high Omega 3 content and high value protein hydrolysates.



Análisis e impacto del sector conservero en Galicia y Norte de Portugal

To know the reality of the canning sector in terms of management and recovery of by-products and waste water at present in the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion.


Production of volatile fatty acids from waste water from the canning industry

To develop technologies for the targeted production of AGVs, as well as process optimisation and purification of AGVs from waste water from the canning industry.


Obtaining oils and proteins from by-products and waste water from the canning industry

To develop technologies for obtaining fish oils with a high Omega-3 content and high value-added protein concentrates from by-products and wastewater.


Transfer, internationalisation and exploitation of results

To transfer the results of the project to the interested agents, to ensure the sustainability of the project and to evaluate the exploitation of the results/technologies, looking for a multiplier effect.


Management and coordination of results



To promote awareness in the canning sector of the importance of applying innovative technologies to improve competitiveness; to make society aware of the concept of the circular economy and to promote networking among the beneficiaries and end users of the project.