The G-Night brings new publics for Conserval

Face-to-face events are back for CONSERVAL with the G-Night, a series of pep talks that will bring society and local researchers back together. Thanks to Cetaqua, managing partner of this project, new audiences will discover firsthand the efforts of this cross-border network, during a cheerful evening that is to elapse from 19.00 hours, September 24th, at the Redeiras building, Vigo.

The Berbés neighborhood is hosting various scientific teams with presentations, workshops, and even a scape room. Álvaro Silva will be representing CONSERVAL with the talk ‘Reducing the environmental impact of the canning industry. Each speech must respect the 10-minute threshold while showing the most human part of science in a casual stage, where everyone is welcomed. At the same time, any guest project may choose to present information in the stand located in Praza do Berbés, the European Corner.

The location is not random, for the action is organiced by the Universidade de Vigo, through the Unidade de Cultura Científica. Just like every event within the European Researchers Night, the G-Night is funded by the European Commission as a part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, aimed to develop the research talents. That is the case of the Research Showcase, which CONSERVAL is also a part of, beginning the same September 24th.
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