Conserval shares its preliminary results via a workshop alongside Anfaco-Cecopesca

CONSERVAL is already on its way to the last of a series of technology demonstration workshops, an event with key agents in the agrifood sector, both within and outside the Galicia-North of Portugal Euroregion. This dissemination day is to take place at the ANFACO-CECOPESCA headquarters on November 11st, from 15.00 to 17.00, along with the visit to the experimental facilities and the presentation of the main findigns and results of the project.

As a novelty, the gathering that closes the third year of CONSERVAL is to happen in a hybrid stage, face-to-face and virtual. Besides the interventions from the consortium’s members, who are in charge of summarising the milestones of the initiative, there will be a debate space with representation from Bolton Foods, Cerveceros de España-Mahou San Miguel, Frinsa Noroeste and the Beverage and Food Industries Spanish Federation (FIAB). A sustainability presentation from Agroam Prodalt will close the day.

It is a crucial event in terms of knowledge transfer and internationalisation, due to it delivering results for the interested agents within the industry, thus securing the life of CONSERVAL further on. Just as in previous occasions, this workshop is aimed to research partners, associations, consultants and public officers. An exercise of evaluation will follow the exploitation efforts from each partner.

Anyone who may be interested in attending may do so by filling out this form.

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