Conserval shares its model for a ‘Zero Pollution Society’

Project CONSERVAL took to EU Green Week its waste recovery model based on circular economy. It did so in partnership with Ecoval Sudoe and Cigat Biofactoría, both also lead by Cetaqua, through a workshop with the title ‘Zero Pollution Society:  citizens and industry to climb on a circular strategy’. The event revolved around air, water, earth and food management, and gathered leading corporations of each of these sectors.

With the aim on a rational, sustainable use of resources, the EU Green Week took place between May 31st and June 13th, including all the associated events. Its program gathered initiatives deemed crucial for climate, i. e. the European Green Deal, and within, others more focused on specific fields, such as the future Chemicals Strategy, or those of energy, industry, transportation, agriculture and health.

CONSERVAL was represented through several of the project’s partners. Anfaco-Cecopesca and Cetaqua were in charge of explaining waste recovery in the canning industry, while the Fundación Empresa Universidad Gallega (FEUGA) and the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela aimed to the social challenges inherent to the circular economy. Furthermore, the digital workshop included other sustainable management models, leadad by Martín Códax, Repsol and Sogama.

The three sponsors of the event –CONSERVAL, Ecoval y Cigat Biofactoría— embody the circular economy mindset, by transforming by-products and waste water, organic urban waste and sewage sludge into high value products.

This three sessions, which you can also find in our Youtube channel, are available in English and Spanish.

Zero pollution society

The first part of the workshop, ‘Waste management and circular economy. Perspectives from different sectors’, is made of four installments:

•Anfaco Cecopesca. Leticia Regueiro. Head for Sustainability and Circular Economy
•Bodegas Martín Códax. Miguel A. Tubío. Technical Director
•Sogama. Isidro García Téllez, General director
•Repsol. Carolina Ibáñez, Environmental Development Manager

The second presentation focused on the sponsoring projects, taking the name ‘Innovation at the service of the circular economy. Transform waste into resources’.

• Waste recovery lines: Conserval Poctep, Cigat Biofactory, Ecoval Sudoe. Álvaro Silva, Project Manager Biofactory and recovery of resources, Cetaqua.
• Technological development: application of mathematical models for the design and optimization of bioprocesses. Miguel Mauricio. CRETUS, Biogroup, USC.
• Final products: recovery and purification. Antón Taboada. Project Manager Biofactory and recovery of resources, Cetaqua.

The last episode reflected upon ‘Innovation and society. How do we move towards their integration?’.

•Legal challenges. Alba Nogueira, Professor of Administrative Law, USC
•Social challenges. Elena Andrade. Professor of Methodology of behavioural sciences, COSOYPA Group, USC.
•Transfer challenges. Noelia Vilar, Innovation and Technology Transfer Manager, FEUGA.

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