CONSERVAL shares its model at the Clusaga Conference on “Sustainability in the food sector”

The conference “Sustainability in the food sector: Technologies for the reduction of environmental impact, energy efficiency and the use of by-products”, organised by the Galician Food Cluster (Clusaga), was held on Thursday 24th February. The event, which was attended by CONSERVAL, took place in the Feuga Building (Campus Vida, Santiago de Compostela) from 9.30 am to 12:30 pm. Attendance was free with prior registration.

The event focused on showcasing successful cases of development and application of new technologies for environmental improvement in the food industry, with a special focus on the reduction of environmental impact (water and carbon footprint), energy efficiency and the use of by-products. Here, CONSERVAL can shed light following its 3-year research into the recovery of by-products and wastewater from the canning industry, which allows for a more circular and sustainable management.

The programme consisted of presentations of different projects along these lines, articulated in 3 round tables entitled “New technologies and processes for the reduction of environmental impact”, “Energy efficiency and renewable energies” and “Innovation for the use of by-products”, respectively. All of them aligned with Clusaga’s Working Group 3 (WG3) “Sustainability, circular economy and bioeconomy”, which aims to generate ideas for collaboration and networking spaces between the different Galician agents with an interest in these topics. All talks were in Spanish.

CONSERVAL’s presentation took place at the third round table, starting at 11:45 am, under the title “New technologies for the management of by-products from the canning industry”. It was led by Álvaro Silva, Project Manager of CETAQUA, who is coordinating the project. You can consult the programme here.

Álvaro SIlva presentando el proyecto de CONSERVAL y las nuevas tecnologías desarrolladas para la gestión de subproductos en las Jornadas de Clusaga el 24 de Febrero.

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