Conserval leads the Exhibition Area at the Galicia Innovation Days

The CONSERVAL Cross-Border Network reinforces its calling for knowledge exchange with its presence at the Galicia Innovation Days, where it is commanding the creation of the Exhibition Area. This display space is the last installment for a online convention that is to serve as the stepping point for the new European programmes for the 2021-2027 framework, through keynote speakers, workshops and one to one meetings with public officials and representatives from private firms.

With the aid from Xunta de Galicia and the Galician Universitary System (SUG), the Galician Enterprise-University Foundation (FEUGA) is gathering over four hundred participants from forty countries to deal with the future of European initiatives in sectors as diverse as climate, inclusion, health, digitalization or food. It will span for five days, between the 25th and the 29th of October, within a virtual landscape focused on networking. In that regard, CONSERVAL is leading the setting up of this promotion room to enhance the visibility of projects from Interreg or Horizon communitary programmes, among others, enabling them to show brochures, posters, videos and such.

This Exhibition Area allows the CONSERVAL partners to go beyond the Galicia – North of Portugal Euroregion in the search for new technological associates, while fostering a sustainable management model based on the recovery of by-products and waste water from the canning industry, capable of obtaining intermediate products demanded by the cosmetics, medicine or food industries. By being at the Galicia Innovation Days, CONSERVAL also becomes an example for those new projects that, lining up with the strategic priorities of the EU, make core principles of the circular economy and the sustainable growth.

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