Conserval joins the European Research Showcase digital marathon

In its contribuition to the European Researchers Night, CONSERVAL is going to participate in a scientific, digital marathon during September 24th and 25th. It is the Research Showcase, an uninterrupted broadcast in which to present the European research landscape, whatever its scope or objectives may be. Cetaqua will represent this project, being it the managing partner and responsible, among other questions, of operating the scale reactors and the demonstration plant.

ERN, for short, is a part of a widespread portfolio of initiatives with different approaches, all of them funded by the European Commission through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, focused on promoting research talent. It is the case of the G-Night, lead by the UVigo, and integrated by CONSERVAL as well. In 2020, this selfsame ocasion gathered two million people across Europe.

Research communities from twenty nine European countries are uniting to bringh science closer to the public, luring younger generations, and remarking the impact this work has in ordinary, everyday life. Research Showcase is going to do this by broadcasting in Twitter two-minute long videos maximum, between September 24th and 25th.

In these multimedia clips the main figures are people: they are going make theirselves known, boosting the confidence of everyone around with their example, and calling for anyone looking for new ideas and partners. The event is made possible by the dissemination association Intersections and Global Science Show, the monthly digital science festival; they also have the support of the Bristol Natural History Consortium, the University of St. Andrews, and Science Made Simple.

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