Conserval gathers again with its External Consultant Committee with over 80 percent of the project completed

The second gathering between CONSERVAL and its External Consultant Committee, which took place this Wednesday, marked the beggining of the final stage of CONSERVAL. While the partners made a quite needed reflection upon the state of the project, the experts’ guidance allowed for a better understanding of the lines of work, finding new opportunities as well as bottlenecks, technical and competitiveness barriers for the sustainable products.

From the Committee took part Ricardo Isaac Pérez Martín, Luis Taboada Antelo (both from the Instituto de Investigacións Mariñas) and Borja Saenz Ciriza (Market Director for Food and Beverages from SUEZ España). Their unvaluable insights casted light over the path in front of CONSERVAL, with six months ahead and more than 80 percent of the technical and economical execution already finished.

The session was called to discuss new findings, but it also comprised the thorough analysis of previous results, ending with a series of aspects that needed reworking and polishing. This review was done during the reinforced market study and the meetings with the final users, producers and consumers alike. It served to demonstrate, once more, the viability of a innovative model that, aside from provinding value and new income streams, must help reduce the environmental footprint.

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